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“Your home should be completely personal, utterly unique and reflect who you truly are, certainly not who or what someone wants you to be,” says designer Tim Clarke on his overall approach to design. His own personal style exudes the idyllic, laid-back vibes Southern California is known for around the globe. He infuses this philosophy daily into his own gallery of goods in Santa Monica, Tim Clarke Supply. Here, he shares a curation of tableware, accessories and furniture that define his signature style.

Tim Clarke. Photos by Noah Webb.

What inspired you to start Tim Clarke Supply?  I wanted to create a studio that was based on the idea of an interior design Atelier. This approach not only allows for a great place to gather inspiration, but also serves as a laboratory for ideas that find their way into my projects. 

How has your design business influenced the selection of pieces?  My design business influences my selection based on need. Often I will search out something different or unusual for my clients that is not easily found, and often we end up making it ourselves or sourcing it and then offering it at Tim Clarke Supply.

What one change did you make with your Supply processes during isolation that will remain after the pandemic is over? We are much more focused on our website and streamlining our product mix on living and working well at home.

Can you share one major change in our industry that you hope will come out of the pandemic? We have become so much more comfortable with online meetings that the days of driving all over the place for face-to-face meetings seems less important. 

-What are you most excited about that is arriving soon at the the Supply store?  Because I have been cooking and eating at home so much I am even more obsessed with dinnerware. I have discovered a new line of dishes that I love, kind of a japanese 70’s stoneware vibe.

-Is there a hotel that has inspired your design the most? Amangiri

-Share three things that you can’t live without. Itoen Green Tea, white Converse Chuck’s, Beach


Spa Aqua Glass Water Bottle & Highball Glasses

Wicker Trays with Leather Handles

Falaride Pewter Flatware

Sandyland Lounge Chair in Natural Oak

Glazed Stoneware Candlesticks

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