Designer Crush: FDG Design Group


With a global pedigree and experience in international hospitality design, Fatima Silva of FDG Design Group centers each project around the history and architecture of each space and region. Now, based in Sausalito, her work is popping up in residences across the Bay Area. Read more about her background and how California inspires her work.

Photos by Ken Hayden

How has your global upbringing influenced your work in California? I believe that the international experience has allowed me to approach my design with a different point of view. The foundation and inspiration for the California aesthetic is rooted in and influenced by European design.

Do you have a preferred city to work in because of the local style?  I seem to be drawn to coastline cities, I find the California coastline very inspiring. With design evolving and technology advancements I find that design is shifting from traditional styles to a more transitional aesthetic. 

Photos by Ken Hayden

How would  you define your aesthetic? My personal aesthetic is contemporary with an eclectic edge.  My design aesthetic is based on creating places that showcase a home that is styled and yet comfortable without being too precious. I tend to lean towards creating a luxurious interior that are experienced through the use of finishes, materials, textures and forms

Which other designers or creatives inspired your career the most and why? I am inspired by Liaigre for his pared down elegance in form as well as crafted finishes. I love Joseph Dirand’s simplicity in his architectural and furnishings that create the art of living. Carlos Mota is wonderful for his incredible use of color and I admire Eric Kuster for his sumptuous interiors that always have a cool luxurious vibe.

Photos by Ken Hayden

Any brands or furniture/decorative artists you are obsessed with? I have always loved Holly Hunt, Liaigre and various artists represented by Carpenter’s workshop. Studio Drift lighting has been a personal favorite. Recently, I was introduced to Stancil Studios who does amazing decorative painting.

How have you shifted your business during the pandemic?   We have integrated technology as a medium for meetings as well as adapted to working remotely. We found that through virtual meetings and reviews, we can maintain a sense of a normal workplace.

Photos by Ken Hayden


Favorite design book? Art House

Favorite Bay Area restaurant?  Acquarello

Last concert? Sting

If you weren’t a designer, you would be? This may seem strange, a surgeon. I am also fascinated by medicine.

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