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Bay Area designer Kriste Michelini is known for her classic, contemporary designs that offers both comfort and elevated style. This same distinct aesthetic is reflected in her Danville showroom, KM Home, that features an assorted selection of home goods. We asked the designer how she got her start, how she is dealing with the pandemic and what is currently keeping her inspired.

-What inspired you to start KM Home?  KM Home was started as a way to bring our curated design and styling to a larger audience. Our vision was to create a shopping experience based on our favorite designs and accessories for all to enjoy.

-How would you describe the aesthetic?  Timeless, modern classic design.

-Does your design work inspire the showroom selections more or your clientele? Our design work is definitely the inspiration for our showroom.  When sourcing items they must pass our litmus test.  We need to love it for our own home and it needs to represent our aesthetic and the quality we would use in a client’s home.

-How do you feel your background in business and commercial real estate contribute to the success of your design and showroom business?  My team knows I love a detailed spreadsheet and tracking grid.  I think my years in sales, business development and commercial real estate helped my design business immensely.  The logistics and details required to implement ground up construction and decorative designs are the less glamorous side of our business but the cornerstone for building and maintaining a high level of quality in both the end product and in our client relationships.  I took the same approach when launching KM Home as I would a clients project. 

-What one change did you make with your supply processes during isolation that will remain after the pandemic is over?   We always tried to be proactive and not reactive with our projects and design work.  With our retail showroom we have anticipated and prepared for delays with shipping and supply chain issues.  The systems we have put in place help us stay ahead of inventory issues and we will continue to work with a widespread and unique set of vendors locally and domestically so we have a variety of resources available at all times. 


-Bloom Candle by KH Home

Large Champagne Bucket with leather handles

Guest Hand Towels 94506

-KH Home Shampoo and Conditioner

Thomas Mohair Throw in Capre Mist

Red Swiss Cross Pillow

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