Designer Crush: Nash Design Group


Bay Area native Kendra Nash’s background in real estate and fashion led her to find her true passion in interior design and launch Nash Design Group. Her California roots coupled with a keen ability to find inspiration in all of her surroundings has shaped the firm’s aesthetic that she describes as, “clean, versatile, and organic, but always with some spunky surprises.” Here, Nash shares what drives her and how the pandemic has shifted her business.

Photo by Emily Scott

How has your upbringing in Atherton influenced your work? I’m not sure Atherton influenced my work. It’s a small enclave in the Peninsula, and I always felt the desire to get out and expand my world. That said, I spent a lot of time in San Francisco soaking up the art and culture, which had a big impact on my design. I’ve always been drawn to nature, raw materials, with a mix of modern which I believe is a nod to how the city  has evolved over the years.

How would  you define your aesthetic? Textural Modern Organic is my personal style. I love living materials (think natural materials, movement in stones, metal patina, and raw woods.) I love using what comes out of the earth and adding a contemporary edge to it. However, when it comes to clients it’s really about them and what they desire, how they live, how they want to grow in space. Though I think it is important to throw in our expertise and advise on how a material will age, when we design, it is truly about the client and giving them what they want.

Photo by Albert Law

Which other designers or creatives inspired your career the most? Erin Martin inspires me through her genius organic, funky, unique designs, but she also is unapologetically herself. I admire that. I also am obsessed with the dynamic duo Tavia Forbes and Monet Masters of Forbes + Masters. They have fresh designs that elevates each space while incorporating talented artisans. 

Photo by Christopher Stark

Any brands or furniture/decorative artists you are obsessed with?  We entertain a lot since my hubby is a chef which has lead to an obsession with glassware. I can’t get enough of setting my table for dinner parties (Pre-COVID) Estelle Colored Glass nails it every time with her colorful glassware. I especially love the Champagne Coupe in Emerald Green. I also drink a lot of coffee and tea. Lolly Lolly Ceramics makes my fave speckled mug that I drink out of daily. Lastly, the table cloths and placemats from Lisa Corti screams playful patterns. Check out the Tokyo Spring in Pink. 

How would you like to see the local design landscape shift?  I would love to see more intentional design. There are so many spec homes going up on the Peninsula where function, not beauty inform the design. It’s about the money rather than creating a home for its future owner. I am saddened by the same white farmhouse going up time and time again, where fake marble, cheap light fixtures, and melamine cabinets are playing a part. We owe it to our community to take the time to design with the intention of creating beauty for our neighborhoods rather than making a quick buck. 

Photo by Albert Law

How have you shifted your business during the pandemic?  We as a design group have really bonded, listened to one another and thought about how we can create together. We are a family! We are looking to create relationships with our clients, rather than transactions. Building and designing a home for a client is such a personal experience and we take it to heart with our creations. 

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