Gallery Crush: Art Angels


Founded in 2013 by two fierce females—Kat Emery and Jacquelin Napal—Art Angels is a bi-coastal art gallery that works with collectors from all over the world. Known for building a robust collection of works from both established and emerging artists, the galleries located in L.A. and Miami take pride in being approachable yet luxurious. Here, the duo share who and what has inspired their place in the art world.

Kat Emery and Jacquelin Napal. Photos courtesy of / provided by Art Angels.

What inspired the launch of the gallery? (Kat Emery) We developed Art Angels with the inspiration to create a unique gallery environment and experience, one which we felt was missing in the art world. We wanted our space to feel like a second home to both our artists and the clientele that we’ve acquired. Our mission is to always strive outside of the confines of a gallery space, and we enjoy working with our artists creatively with their storytelling, events, and exhibits. We are devoted to making sure everyone we work with feels taken care of and supported within their own journeys. 

Additionally, we take tremendous pride in being a female founded business, which really sets us even further apart from other galleries. When we were first developing, there were hardly any women owned galleries in the industry and it was something that we felt a need to reverse. We’re beyond pleased with the precedence that we’ve helped to set for other females in this space and we are determined to continue proving our success with our model. 

Blue Boombox – version .001 by Lyle Owerko. Photos courtesy of / provided by Art Angels.

How do you go about discovering new artists? (Jacquelin Napal) Our aim at Art Angels is to bring a very unique and diverse offering to our collectors so we are always keeping an eye out for new artists emerging or established, via way of submissions, referrals, Instagram and travel. We gravitate towards those that are reflective of the brand, empowering, whose works or message are attention grabbing, moving and encourage the viewer to look further within.

Which other galleries inspired the Art Angels mission the most? (Kat Emery) Our biggest driver and inspiration in our mission to become a gallery was to be pioneers into women founded galleries.  Our admiration continues and inspiration continues to lie with brands such a Louis Vuitton and Chanel who continue to create masterpieces with every experience they bring forth to their clients. 

Bold BLACK SHEEP by Micah Johnson. Photos courtesy of / provided by Art Angels.

With locations in both L.A. and Miami, how do the clientele differ?  (Jacquelin Napal) We are very humbled to work with a global clientele which of course creates a lot of variants in terms of demands & requests. Our collectors in L.A. gravitate towards a multitude of different genres with a focus on large scale works that embody a lot of color, bringing warmth and energy into their space. Our collectors in Miami, although also diverse, focus on artworks that synergize with the surrounding calm and beautiful waters. 

Which artists have made the most impact for the  gallery and why?  (Kat Emery) Micah Johnson has a truly incredible and impactful message and story which we have loved sharing with our collectors. One that encourages change, brings light to current issues, inspires and gives both the artist and the gallery an opportunity to use their platform to give back. It is the first of many collaborations to come as we continue to shift our focus to ensuring that all of these elements are included in anything we do moving forward. 

Which artists that you don’t represent, are you currently obsessed with?  (Jacquelin Napal) There are so many but we continue to admire the works of Delphine Diallo, Roy Nachum and Nelson Makamo to name a few. 

A Summer In Coney Island by Flore. Photos courtesy of / provided by Art Angels.

LIGHTNING ROUND! (Jacquelin Napal)

Favorite LA Interior Designer? Martin Lawrence Bullard

Favorite Miami restaurant? Robuchon

-Next exhibit? A Tree Grow’s In Brooklyn by Flore, which we are thrilled to be debuting at our gallery in Los Angeles. 

Fearless Painter by Flore. Photos courtesy of / provided by Art Angels.

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