Artist Crush: Stephanie Dillon


What lies at the core of artist Stephanie Dillon’s work is feeling. Each piece is a vocal reflection of her socially conscious beliefs through a vibrant mix of paint and collage, all on reused canvases. With sustainability and philanthropy top of mind, Dillon is using her creative platform to ignite conversations around change and give back to the community through the proceeds of work. Here, she shares more about how she got started and how she hopes her art will make a difference in the world.

The artist, Stephanie Dillon

At what point in your life did you become influenced by art?  I remember walking into to nursery school and seeing an art station and I only wanted to go to the art station and paint.

-How would you define your aesthetic? Eclectic. Art is everywhere, art is everything and anything can be art!

Abstract #41

Which other artists inspired your career the most? W magazine. I remember when I was 16, I would page through viewing all the beautiful art.  I would peruse through anything and everything that showed houses and design, fashion and interiors!

When did you begin using your art to make change?   Immediately!  It’s the only reason.  I create art to inspire change in myself and in others.

Abstract #82

Can you explain how sustainability plays a role in your work?  I attempt to NOT use any newly manufactured items.  That means, I use canvases, frames and found objects that already exist. Everything I create first and foremost emerges from the idea that ‘how can I make something the most beautiful while limiting my carbon footprint.’   I don’t throw out anything that others would consider damaged because to me, everything is beautiful—you just need to find that beauty and reveal it!

How have you shifted your business as a result of the pandemic?  I learned how to conduct virtual tours.  Before, I would have parties with designers all across the United States showing my art and my studio.  In December, I moved to a new, larger studio which includes a gallery.   

What is next on the horizon?  Continuing to try and change the world one piece of art at a time. I recently launched the Citizen-T Project, where we rescue t-shirts and other clothing from landfills, apply art which creates a new beauty for people to purchase them.

Female #35


-Who is your current favorite under-the-radar artist?  Shelby Dillon, my daughter!

-Out of your collection, what is your favorite piece and why? Today, this piece…ask me again tomorrow!

-Who is your dream client? Anyone who loves my art.

-If you weren’t an artist, you would be? Less.

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