15 Minutes with Jason Wu


Since the inception of his first collection in 2007, Jason Wu has made a massive impact on the global fashion industry. Renowned for creating feminine forms with a classic edge, his ready-to-wear collections have graced the likes of Michelle Obama, Christy Turlington and many more influential figures. In 2010 he translated his acute sense of design into a dynamic collection for Brizo, which continues to be a tremendous success today. We spoke with Wu about his approach to design and how he has remained inspired during the pandemic.

At what point do the processes of fashion and industrial design intersect?
I think both are about form and function. For both, you want something beautiful in form with utility. Fashion should be wearable and functional. In that sense, I believe design is the same.

How has the Brizo collaboration inspired the fashion side of your business?
It’s less literal for me. I’ve worked with Brizo for over 10 years now; we’re a part of the same family and have seen each other grow. I don’t approach it thinking about putting a print on a faucet. It’s more about what would a woman wearing Jason Wu want in her home? The one thing we both want to achieve is designing sophisticated, elevated, refined but modern collections that are full of quality. We just had our best quarter ever with the sales of a bath faucet from eight years ago that has never gone out of style. That is a testament to our work.

Photos courtesy of Brizo

What has been the most defining moment in your career?
Getting to dress amazing women. From first ladies to women on the red carpet, it’s amazing to be a part of history-defining moments. I never thought I would meet so many incredible people in my life including architects, artists and designers. That has been the best part.

How do you feel both the fashion and design industries will shift as a result of the pandemic?
I think people will really look for much more timeless pieces. There’s so much disposability across many businesses. As designers, we need to focus on creating not what is cool but instead designs that have a lasting impact and are good for the environment.

-We see you’ve become quite the chef during the pandemic. Can we hope for a new product line for the home as a result? Normally I don’t have three or four hours to cook, but for me, it was a release and a moment of creativity. Let’s see what the future holds. Between the collaboration with Brizo, QVC and a new beauty line, the sky is the limit.

What area in your home do you love the most?
For me it’s the kitchen. Every time I have guests over I’m usually there prepping, so we all tend to gather there. It’s the soul of a household.

What musician or song you are currently obsessing over? I always love Justin Bieber.

If you weren’t a designer, what would you be? A chef.

What are you most thankful for right now?
I am most thankful for having my family and my friends, who all made it safely through a year that was full of significant changes. I also get to wake up every single day and do what I love.

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