What’s New at Thomas Lavin


The marvelous Thomas Lavin continues to enhance his showroom offering with the arrival of six new lines including—Casamance, Fromental, Area Environments, Aux Abris and Sarah Von Dreele, as well as Douglas Jennings. In addition to the new collections, longtime vendors Christopher Farr Cloth, Galbraith & Paul and Rosemary Hallgarten are featured in new boutiques within the showroom that highlight key pieces. To top it all off, Lavin continues a dynamic art program with the opening of Sewn Constructions by Aili Schmeltz, an exhibition featuring her latest work that explores pattern and form through a unique combination of painting, collage and sewing. Each work is titled after one of the historical female homesteaders from the Mojave Desert, where Schmeltz’s studio is based. Here, we discuss more about the show with Lavin and uncover a few of his favorite new pieces.

Finley, 2021  by Aili Schmeltz
Paxton, 2021  Aili Schmeltz

You gracefully survived the pandemic by inviting us into your home via social media. How did this change your business? Inviting people into my home through social media was totally in alignment with who we are–it’s all about our relationships.  I have always entertained friends, colleagues and family in my homes; since we could not be together IRL, we celebrated digitally.  As a family-owned company, there are real people behind Thomas Lavin and I believe that our social media in the pandemic reminded our friends and customers of that.

How do you feel the industry changed in a more positive direction as a result of the pandemic? An even greater sense of collegiality and sharing among my colleagues who may be thought of as “competition.” We were like “Miracle on 34th Street”, sharing information, sending designers to other showrooms if we did not have what they were sourcing.  

Recently you expanded the collections at the showroom. What new vendors can we see at the showroom now?  We are very excited about who we have brought on. Our wallcovering department, in particular, has grown exponentially with the addition of:  Area Environments, Aux Abris, Fromental and Sarah Von Dreele. The collection ranges from the bespoke and elegant Fromental to the cutting edge, artist driven Area Environments. Aux Abris was started by designer Karen Robert, while Sarah Von Dreele has a wonderful genesis story. Other exciting additions include storied Parisian textiles editor Casamance and local furniture maker Douglas Jennings.

Many of the manufacturers you carry have been with you from the beginning. Why is it so important for you to maintain these relationships? The trade business is very special, in a crowded world, we operate in a small and inspiring niche.  Having worked with such talented people for 21 years, we have grown and evolved together.  It is exhilarating to chat with long time partners about how we started and where we are now.

-What new can we see from these long-standing partners? So much.  For example, Jiun Ho continues to add to his furniture, lighting, and textile categories. Our gallery partner Edward Cella opens a new exhibition Sewn Constructions by California based Aili Schmeltz on June 14.  And Zimmer-Rohde American Brand, Travers, will present a magnificent September launch.


Arpege is the first modular sofa from LIAIGRE, and it is everything you would expect: stylish, adaptable and luxurious. Everyone should have one!

-The Davids and Oanh series designed by Doug Levine for Bright, is wildly chic and usable.

-As always, John Pomp has transformed the lighting world by creating a new profile called the Radiant series, that utilizes LED in a way never seen. Every piece is stunning, artful and usable!

Link is continually reinventing the outdoors, and have created five new exterior lighting profiles:  The Torch, the Pit, the Totem Floorlamp, not to mention their new Malibu Series.

-Troscan, created by the most extraordinary couple Deirdre Jordan and her husband Bob Robinson, have just introduced the Legare series including the best barstool ever that is quintessentially California, though hand made in Chicago. 

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