On the Horizon: Sandra Jordan


Iconic textile artist Sandra Jordan is respected throughout the industry for infusing ancient craftsmanship into contemporary design. Born in Peru, she was exposed at an early age to artisans who used natural, locally-sourced materials in their work. After living around the world, she landed in the California Wine Country where she was inspired to launch Sandra Jordan Prima Alpaca, a luxury textile line that not only fulfilled her passion to create but generates economic opportunity and jobs in her native Peru. After years making her colorful mark in the design industry she remains more inspired than ever, continually creating elements for the home, out of Prima Alpaca. Here, she shares more about her love for California and what is next on the horizon including a new rug line, pillow collection and more.

Sandra in her studio. Photos by Dane Deaner.

– You have a number of new launches coming up for 2021. What’s in the pipeline for you? 2021 promises to be an exciting year for us. This month we are launching a gorgeous Prima Alpaca Bespoke Pillow program. The designs are handmade by the expert artisans in our workroom. Pillows touch the skin and impact mood and atmosphere unlike any other home accessory and Prima Alpaca is so soft and dreamy. When I touch Prima Alpaca I get the feeling of being hugged and cared for.

We are also working on our first-ever Prima Alpaca rug collection, which will launch later this fall in collaboration with ERDEN. Founder Brian Erden Rojanasumaphong is a visionary in his field, and we have been close friends since the beginnings of his company. Brian and I share a passion for reimagining the world’s ancient design traditions with an eye to contemporary interiors. Both of us have been deeply inspired by the potential of luxury natural fibers, in particular by fine Alpaca fleece.

Lastly, I’m working on a new fabric collection inspired by California and my home in Wine Country, which we’ll also be previewing later this year. The collection is called Sonoma Coast with 13 new designs inspired by Northern Californian nature. It’s all about texture and natural hues taken from stones, clouds, golden grasses, majestic oaks and the Sonoma sky. It’s elegant but so livable too.

Pillows from the new Prima Alpaca Bespoke Pillow program in Prima Alpaca Aubergine and French Vanilla Suri Horizontal and Vertical stripe. Tambour in Prima Alpaca Cabernet and Suri Ebony Horizontal stripe. Photos by Dane Deaner.

-How are these offerings different from your past work? My vision of design is holistic and pillows and rugs extend the touch of Prima Alpaca to new aspects of the home environment. There’s nothing like being cocooned in Prima Alpaca! That said, everything we do continues the story of bringing the artistry of the world’s rarest, softest natural fiber to designers. So that mission never wavers.

-What elements of California inspired the designs? I’m located in Wine Country, and my home and property always inspires my work. There is so much texture in nature that I can’t resist capturing it in my designs. When I walk on my property, I notice so many textures. The cork oaks; the grasses on the hillside; the rocks and stones; the vineyards all around; the flowers and leaves; the butterflies.

Lunch on the Lawn (detail) – Upholstery in Prima Alpaca Forget-Me-Not and Bespoke Throw in Prima Alpaca Chartreuse.
Photos by Dane Deaner.

-Did the past year play a role in either the design of these new pieces or your business? Everyone spent a lot of time at home this past year. For me, it allowed time to take in all that Sonoma County has to offer and spend time outdoors, whether at the coast or walking the rolling hills, or in my garden. I’m always looking for inspiration in nature and so that experience influenced my work a great deal. There’s so much beauty we often miss because we are rushing and it is right at our doorstep!

The guest bedroom in Sandra’s home featuring a roman shade in Prima Alpaca French Vanilla Gossamer Sheer and bed cover in Prima Alpaca Suri Lava. The pillow is hand-embroidered in Peru. Photos by Dane Deaner.

-Do you have a personal favorite of your upcoming collections? I’m very excited about the new Bespoke Pillow Program. The offerings show off the meticulous artisanship of our workroom, while allowing designers the tools to dream up personalized designs. When a Prima Alpaca pillow is next to your skin the feeling is truly magical. For me, there is nothing better than being surrounded by Prima Alpaca, looking at my garden, drinking a glass of wine and listening to music.

Detail of the hand-sewn Blanket Stitch edging on a Prima Alpaca Bespoke Throw. Only one artisan in the workroom is able to create this meticulous edging. Photos by Dane Deaner.

-How do you hope designers will respond to the new collections? We have found that designers are looking to work with natural fibers like Prima Alpaca now more than ever. They love the fact that Prima Alpaca is earth-friendly and that it absorbs moisture, resists flames and blocks noise. Plus natural fibers provide a unique experience that designers’ clients are looking for. The luxury natural fibers in your home are subtly different than those anywhere else in the world because they are made by nature and not a machine. They are unique to your home and are individual works of art.

An alpaca named Pablito on Sandra’s property. Photos by Dane Deaner.

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