How to Host a Post-Pandemic Guests for the Ultimate Weekend Getaway


Ariel Kaye, CEO and Founder of Parachute, shares personal tips for hosting a comfortable, post-pandemic getaway

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Summer is finally here and thankfully it looks like it’s going to be dramatically different than last, and we have lots of lost time to make up for. Hosting friends and family for the weekend has never sounded better, and I’ll be spoiling mine with all the bells and whistles to make for an unforgettable weekend away that feels truly like home away from home. From styling a cozy guest bedroom (of course) to treating my guests to a delicious welcoming meal, here’s how I plan on hosting all summer long.

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First thing’s first, in a guest room I like to prioritize the essentials: a comfortable bed, a simple but cozy reading nook and a bedside table. While it’s wonderful to spend time with loved ones again, it’s important to provide guests with a space where they can regroup and spend time alone. I always provide an alternative option for sitting and relaxing beyond the bed.

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Especially true for guests who have traveled far, their eyes will go straight to the bed upon arrival, so I like to make the bed the key focal point in any guest bedroom. I’m all about a comfortable and serene vibe, so I always eliminate any clutter and keep the decor to a minimum. After all, this is a space to be enjoyed by multiple guests from time to time so keeping things simple and clean is a must.

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Now more than ever, it’s so important that our guests feel comfortable. As many people travel or road trip for the first time in a year, it’s important that they get a good night’s rest upon arrival. I like to offer several pillows of varying firmness, an extra quilt for guests that might sleep cold, and of course, a fresh set of crisp white sheets. Your guests will love being pampered!

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Small, thoughtful touches will also help your guests feel at home as they venture out this summer. I suggest providing your loved ones with your favorite candle, fresh flowers, water and tea and coffee in their room. I also always like to leave details on the wifi password and any other notes that might help them navigate your home. These little luxuries are sure to make guests feel comfortable and at ease from the start.

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Lastly, I love to welcome guests with a meal they won’t forget. Especially this summer, it will be so special to gather around the table again. But remember that folks are coming to enjoy your company, not get a five star meal. Save the time-consuming recipes and make a fresh summer pasta or burgers on the grill—something easy but crowd pleasing. Pull in chairs from different rooms of the home and don’t be afraid to mix and match plates. I promise this set up and meal will be charming, welcoming and much appreciated.

Jono Pandolfi Dinnerware

Here’s to a summer our guests will never forget!

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