Introducing the Medellín collection by César Giraldo for Tidelli


Emerging from a year that felt dark and somber is a burst of joyful color in the form of a new outdoor furniture collection created by L.A. designer César Giraldo for Brazilian-based maker, Tidelli.

From an early age Colombian-born designer César Giraldo fell in love with the vibrant-hued structures that line the city streets and the artisanal craftsmanship that is at the core of his culture. Little did he know, these elements would later shape his destined passion for curating spaces that strike the perfect balance of contemporary with a nod to the past. Girlado recently translated this same spirit into a dynamic new outdoor furniture collection entitled Medellín, that came to life after a trip to Tidelli’s Brazilian headquarters in 2019. “I love the essence of Brazil that is reflected in Tidelli’s furniture,” says Giraldo. “They are experts with their use of colors, which made all the difference when creating the collection, that was inspired by the colorful Medellín.” The handmade collection includes a sofa, lounge chair, coffee tables and side tables that feature the brand’s signature rope-wrapped technology available in hues that the designer says represent the “New Colombia”. Here, he provides insights on how the collaboration came about and how it fits seamlessly into California design.

-When did the idea of the collaboration begin? Living in Southern California, where we have ideal weather, I’ve always had an interest in designing an outdoor furniture line. A few years ago, I became familiar with Tidelli and fell in love with the brand. I then went to Brazil to learn more about the company, and that’s when we started talking about the collaboration. It’s been such a beautiful journey.

-Where did your design process start? It began in Brazil where I got to meet the lovely family and entire Tidelli team. It was incredibly inspiring to learn about the company, its technologies and design processes. One can have design ideas, but must also be aware of the employed technologies. I was very fortunate that Tidelli’s advanced systems yielded exactly what I had envisioned.

How did this differ from your interior design process? Designing this line was a deeply profound and personal experience, in that my creative ideas and desires did not have any limitations. I only thought about my vision. When I do interior design, although it’s my vision and I love the process, I also think about my clients’ specific needs, who will be living in the spaces I’m designing. This line allowed me to go all out, and I believe you can see that.

-How is this collection a refreshing departure from Tidelli’s other pieces? Tidelli has beautiful collections. However, this was a very special collaboration as it involved four different lines under the Latina Collection that celebrate a destination in Latin America; for me it was my hometown, Medellín, and its yearly Festival of the Flowers.

-How are the colors a representation of both your Colombian roots and Tidelli’s Brazilian origin? My collection was inspired by the yearly flower festival that happens in Medellín where as a child I discovered the power of color. My collection fits very well with Tidelli, as it is a company that celebrates design and beautiful colors. I felt welcomed; it felt like home.

-Why do you feel these pieces will work well within the California design landscape? I believe these pieces are perfect in any design landscape, especially in California where we spend so much time entertaining outdoors. Their timing couldn’t be more impeccable! Over the last year, we have been locked in, and now we are all looking to make the best of being outdoors. What an awesome combination to have these great and comfortable designs that endure outdoor weather conditions, with gorgeous, vibrant colors that make everyone happy.

-What does color mean to your life and your work? If you look at my interior design work, I don’t use color intensely. I do love using color in nuanced ways that gently surprise. Color is utterly important to me. Growing up in Colombia nature was my first teacher, that taught me about the beauty and power of color. Colors are very powerful; they affect one’s spirit, thoughts, behavior—and I’m very aware of this. That’s the reason I’m extremely meticulous in my use of color. However, the Medellín Collection was a very different experience for me. I wanted it to represent my city without any barriers. I thought about my childhood and the challenges my country faced, the moments I’m eternally grateful to have lived, when I experienced joy, laughter, comfort, freedom and the positive things that shaped me to be the person I am today.

Photography by Reinaldo Giarola and Tarciso Albuquerque; Art Direction by Felipe Villela.

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