15 Minutes with Breegan Jane


Designer, lifestyle expert, mother and now TV host, Breegan Jane’s talents stretch far. Raised in Southern California, her work possesses the laid-back, worldly essence of the region that she is introducing to the world on her new HGTV show, The House My Wedding Bought. Here, she shares how she does it all while still finding the time to help others in need.

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How did growing up in Southern California inspire your aesthetic? I’m a true California girl. I grew up on the beach, and everyone’s houses were filled with sandy toes, but there was still an element of glitz and glam. I see that in my signature “modern approachable luxury” design style. I love a neutral color palette with a light and airy feel, but one with rich textures. I incorporate natural elements that remind me of the beautiful outdoors.

-What has been the greatest change in design over the past year that you feel was needed? People moved from simply adorning their homes for a new look to modifying them for supreme functionality. Food, water and shelter encompass our most basic needs, and the past year spotlighted the “shelter” category like never before. I had many clients who wanted to repurpose their guest rooms (which were empty anyway) and convert them into spaces more suitable for working or homeschooling.

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-From designer to lifestyle expert, mom, and now TV entertainer, you have many roles in life. Which do you love the most? The thing I like doing the most is making a difference with the talents I was given. I’m fortunate enough that I get to nurture and explore them all. Beyond my career role, I feel passionately about being able to provide an opportunity for someone else, be it a job or giving back through my philanthropy work, or even just connecting with someone who might need my guidance or support.

Which cause are you most passionate about right now? My heart is with women and children in Africa, and I work with nonprofit organizations to eliminate female genital mutilation (FGM) and bring health and educational resources to those populations. We provide scholarships and housing to girls and women who would otherwise fall victim to FGM in their communities.

How did the concept of your new show, The House My Wedding Bought, come about?
I think we all need relatable stories on our screens right now, and that’s what you’ll find in my show. So many couples are looking to start their lives together by getting married and purchasing a house, but each of those things can end up being some of the largest purchases they will ever make. I find that many people believe you have to choose one over the other or sacrifice much of what you actually want in order to achieve your goals. On The House My Wedding Bought I use my real estate expertise to show couples how they can have both their perfect wedding day and buy their dream home by using a little compromise and lots of love!

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What has been your greatest interior design inspiration? Staying in beautiful hotels on the ocean.

What is currently your favorite TV show? I’m a documentary nerd.

One item in your home you can’t live without. My tub!

-If you could design a home for anyone, who would it be? Beyoncé

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