For the Love of Design


The design industry plays Cupid to rug designer Erik Lindstrom and Kneedler Fauchère’s president, Gina DeWitt

Erik Lindstrom and Gina DeWitt. Photo by Brian Doherty.

Rug designer Erik Lindstrom confesses that he built his three-story Venice home, which appeared in this magazine in 2019, with the intention of finding a wife. Even before the issue surfaced on newsstands, the universe was already working to grant his wish. Only weeks earlier—eager to find representation for his rugs in San Francisco and Denver—he emailed companies who had showrooms in those markets. One of those inquiries landed on the desk of Gina DeWitt, president of renowned showroom Kneedler Fauchère.

“I’m really the one that brings in new collections,” says DeWitt. “And I never want to say no and then discover I’ve passed on something incredible.” Her due diligence led her to Lindstrom’s website and Instagram. “I saw pictures of him and thought, ‘Wow, he’s really handsome.’”

Inside Kneedler Fauchère L.A. featuring Gregorius Pineo furniture, wallcovering and lighting and a Dougall Paulson sculpture on the table. Photo by Christopher Stark.

“Gina responded saying she’d love to come take a look,” Lindstrom remembers. He was immediately captivated by the tall, willowy brunette. “We were instantly finishing each other’s sentences,” he says. “Finding someone who can speak your industry language who also matches your personality and interests is rare.” Not long afterward, he invited her to his home for dinner under the pretense that he needed her help selecting wallpaper.

The duo’s wedding, slated for November 2022 in Kyoto, Japan, will be their next collaboration. “There’s a family connection with the city—my great grandfather lived there as the first bishop of Japan,” says Lindstrom. Adds DeWitt, “It resonated with us from the very first minute because of the combination of all the things we love—architecture, fashion, art, nature and history.” Decorating the new home they just bought is also on the horizon, and Lindstrom is helping to raise DeWitt’s son, James.

The couple also influence each other’s work choices daily. DeWitt’s love of vintage sees resonance in Geometric, Lindstrom’s updated collection. She, in turn, is inspired by his boundless creativity. “I love going to his showroom,” she says. “It’s continuously evolving.” Lindstrom, who loves playing host, encourages drop-ins; there’s a new zen garden, and plans for a monthly jazz night are underway. That energetic spirit has galvanized DeWitt to pursue intriguing lines, like Overgaard & Dyrman, Danish makers of impeccably engineered furniture, she’s long had her eye on. “The industry brought us together,” says DeWitt. Design for love? Absolutely.

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