True Colors


Known for her vibrant designs, Noz Nozawa of Noz Design shares her current must-haves

“I’m a steadfast bar-soap gal, and if I can infuse whimsy into my hand-washing routine, I am here for it. This fish soap is hilarious, but also reminds me of the taiyaki cake treats you can get in San Francisco’s Japantown.”

-Japanese Welcome Fish Soap-on-a-Rope by TAMANOHADA

Apparently Hermès released this bag in 2000 to celebrate the new millennium—but I just found out about it when I was browsing ‘ bags with faces’ online and now it’s on my ‘if I find a pot of gold’ bucket list. The Hermès Kelly bag is iconic but no matter how exclusive it is, I’ve been in rooms where it feels like everyone has one, and that’s not for me!”

Mini Kelly Doll (a.k.a. Quelle Idole) Bag by HERMÈS

“I instantly fell in love with Leena of Yaya Situation when I first met her at a West Coast craft fair a few years ago. Her work is soulful, symbolic, and saturated in meaning, and it is also aesthetically bonkers. The latest pieces are taking the textural possibilities of fired ceramics to a level I’ve never seen before.”

Talking Head (2022) by YAYA SITUATION

“Pieces makes these incredibly joyful, playful rugs that defy the notion that a rectangular room must be covered by a rectangular rug. Their newly released Salerno is no exception. It technically adheres to a form with four right angles, but it serves those angles in a vibrant colorway with a droop on one side.”

Salerno Rug by PIECES

Modular sectionals are having a moment. But the Regatta Sectional by Ted Boerner is on a whole other level of innovation. There are no fewer than 10 different forms available that play with seat height, obtuse angles and even negative space. I’m in love with the bone-shaped sofa backs that come together to form open gaps that really come alive when you float this piece off the walls of a room. On top of that, this sectional is super comfortable and you can use your own upholstery materials to customize the whole vibe.”

Regatta Sectional by TED BOERNER; available at

“I’m such a fan of Virginia Sin’s forms. She takes the limitless ability of clay and makes it functional, which is so thoughtful for those of us who live in small spaces. This floor planter floored me! I absolutely love the little vessel at the base that catches excess water, which was inspired by Bronze Age irrigation systems.”

Reservoir Floor Planter by VIRGINIA SIN

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