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Bay Area designer Amanda Teal shares her current must-haves

Designer Amanda Teal. Photo by Bess Friday.

“As a California native, I have a deep connection to the outdoors. Stefan Bishop’s sculptural tables take me back to hikes along the coastline and lazy days spent out in the sunshine. The interplay between soft shapes and solid-grained wood is a true celebration of nature.”

-Ring Coffee Table by STEFAN BISHOP; available at Ralph Pucci

“Lighting is one of my very favorite decorative elements to select for a home. This fixture is a true work of art. The delicate, warm colors of the glass and graceful curves would add a level of sophistication and whimsy to any space.”

-Amber Circular Chandelier by GIOPATO & COOMBES; available at Garde Shop

“I’m currently coveting this petite bronze sculpture by Herma de Wit. The delicate depiction of flora meticulously sculpted from bronze exemplifies what an incredible talent she is. The dynamic between power and fragility is perfectly harmonious.”

Oxalis Bronze by HERMA DE WIT; available at Garde Shop

“The first time I experienced Andrea Torres Balaguer’s photography I was mesmerized. Her pictures are like a dream you understand the meaning of but can’t explain with words. I find her female subjects both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. The tension is deeply moving and draws me in every time.”

Quartz by Andrea Torres Balaguer; available at FOUND BY MAJA

“This cabinet is on my list of all-time favorite furniture pieces.We’re installing fewer built-ins and sourcing more free- standing cabinets these days. The texture and natural variation in the parchment leather and handmade metal hardware make it so special. A future family heirloom.”

-Leather hutch by BDDW

“My grandmother had a plaster side table that I loved when I was growing up; it inspired my current obsession with plaster. There’s something about the texture of this table lamp and the way the light plays off its curves that fascinates me.”

-Wedge Table Lamp by BC WORKSHOP; available at Blackman Cruz

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