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Steve Pallrand—ecopreneur and founder of Home Front Build—opens the doors to the CarbonShack showroom

An installation of the Bacterial Colony tile that is made of red quarry clay body, produced in L.A.

Today, Steve Pallrand—ecopreneur and founder of Home Front Build—is opening the first CarbonShack showroom in L.A. featuring home furnishings that explore the seen and unseen natural world. The unique gallery experience will offer lighting, textiles, decorative tiles, cabinetry, furniture and accessories, including woodwork and metalwork, that demonstrate how sustainable design can be used in custom, luxurious design. Each piece is made locally or within an environmentally-conscious distance (300-400 miles) by local workers, including individual artisans through manufacturing processes that minimize environmental impacts. 

For years, Pallrand and the CarbonShack team have advised clients, on how to make sustainable decisions when designing their homes that provide smart carbon offset. The goal of the new home CarbonShack collection is to further encourage client to embrace environmental solutions that still elevate the design of their homes.

The Cellular Sectional Sofa is is designed to be moved around, repositioned, and reconfigured to suit your every mood and occasion.

“With CarbonShack, our team of architects, interior designers and in-house tradespeople are shifting the approach to residential building, and in particular, rethinking interiors to value our natural world in a creative, accessible manner for all,” states Pallrand. “We firmly believe that art, design and architecture play a critical role in representing the knowledge and culture of a period, and we hope CarbonShack can help transform our shelters, our homes, into vehicles of change,” states Pallrand.

The Cellular Storage Cabinet is made of sustainably sourced plywood and live-edge Yellow Cedar.
The 3D-printed Cyrtoidea Sonce is inspired by Ernst Haeckel’s stunning drawings of microscopic Cyrtoidea. stunning drawings of microscopic Cyrtoidea.

The preview collection focuses on the microbiome, or the world’s community of microorganisms, showcasing the natural beauty of a world that often goes unacknowledged. Pallrand and his wife Rachel Mayeri, an LA-based artist working at the intersection of art and science for designs, collaborated on the work. By looking to the hidden world they used hand-crafted and 3D-printing techniques to transform microscopic and biomorphic forms into objects for everyday living. “The natural world is beautiful, especially when interpreted with an artistic eye and artisan talent. With our new showroom, we hope to deliver this beautiful interior design imagery through sustainably-sourced materials and products, and help keep the carbon footprint down while supporting a local economy,” Pallrand adds.

The Fern Blossom tile was crated using the cuerda seca glazed technique, dates back to 14th century Persia and Spain.

Shop the full collection HERE . Showroom visits are by appointment only. Please call the following number to book your appointment: (323) 302-9388 or info@carbonshack.com.

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