Heaven Brent


Interior designer Jeremiah Brent’s new store Atrio—poised at Platform in Culver City—is a one-stop shop showcasing his favorite makers and artisans and, soon, a restaurant, Juliet

Photos by Brittany Ambridge 

Think back to your childhood. For interior designer Jeremiah Brent, it included visits to Macy’s, which inspired his dreams of opening a store, and to his Portuguese grandmother, perfectly ensconced in her backyard atrium. “It was the first time, I remember looking around at a space and thinking that it perfectly reflected the person that was in it,” he remembers.

The two memories have united in his new retail concept Atrio, which means “atrium” in Portuguese. The airy and bright lifestyle store, tucked into the Washington Boulevard side of Platform in Culver City, is a one-stop shop that offers a curated selection of home furnishings and products from around the globe, bringing together under one roof Brent’s penchant for the past, discovery, craftsmanship and value, with a hint of whimsy thrown in for good measure. “The intention was to create an environment where people could walk in and feel like everything in it—from the salt to a shelf, to lights, to a sofa and candles—had been assembled and displayed with intention, and find something unique and beautiful that was a real representation of them,” Brent explains.

While there are plans for more outlets—Montecito and East Coast locations are in the works—it was important for Brent that he open the first one in California. “My childhood, my beginnings, my creativity, my design, all started in California,” he says. 

Photos by Brittany Ambridge 

Tucked in amongst the vintage pieces are Brent’s collaborations, a flower shop with arrangements designed by Meghan Noyce, an apothecary, and a pantry. “There are so many people out there creating things that are thoughtful and interesting,” he says. “I love the chance that I got to collaborate with people.” They include: marble objects from Toronto’s Montana LaBellle; ceramics and table lamps from Barcelona’s Marta Bonilla; bedding from Sydney-based, Cultiver; custom artworks with Florida-based artist Zane Taylor; teas from Tea with Tae; table and cookware from Belgium-based Serax; and, sensual vases from Manhattan-based Laird Gough. “The back-and-forth of collaboration is where the good stuff is born,” he says. “So I’m really excited to dig in and do more of them.”

“My whole thought process was about finding things that speak to the five senses and create this beautiful full life,” he says. “Things that make you feel more connected to your life and your space.” Flowers, scent, wonderful foodstuffs and apothecary items, and well-designed home goods. He’s even got playlists. Heaven Brent indeed.

Atrio, 8888 Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232, (424) 766-1633

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