Partner Spotlight: eggersmann Luxury, Bespoke Closets Crafted for You


When it comes to creating a dream-worthy closet, curating the right selection of clothing, shoes and accessories is just part of the equation. What truly makes for a perfect, personalized wardrobe is the space itself, custom-designed to accommodate every desired detail. That’s why eggersmann USA is dedicated to turning each client’s greatest fashion and home-design fantasies into reality. Drawing from the strengths of both its modern German cabinetry and Schmalenbach’s luxury closet systems and home-living solutions, the family-run eggersmann designs, manufactures and installs solution-oriented, sustainable wardrobes that are as expertly crafted as they are aesthetically pleasing.

Zoom in on the diamond stitched, white leather bench nook with a halo glow. Photos courtesy of eggersmann.

Specially made to the millimeter, each eggersmann wardrobe is the product of close collaboration between the designer and client. Every detail, down to the height of each pair of shoes, is considered in the planning process, and no two units are exactly alike. With eggersmann, clients have the opportunity to explore myriad design and storage possibilities, prioritizing which pieces to showcase, which items to conceal, and which convenient methods make sense for their lifestyles. In addition to hidden safes, secret vanities, watch winders and sunglass displays, eggersmann wardrobes can include any number of special features—and if a requested feature doesn’t exist, the team will go above and beyond to create it.

The illuminated boutique style wardrobe in Décor Elm Truffle is with Dark Bronze glass doors features a long hanging storage and a custom rotating hat display. Photos courtesy of eggersmann.

There are endless creative opportunities when designing an eggersmann wardrobe, but a few key customizable features have proven to be true fan favorites:

LED illumination. Lighting is often considered an afterthought in the cabinet and furniture design process, but eggersmann believes the right illumination can make or break a space—particularly when it comes to closets. From choosing the right accessories to ensuring ensemble pieces match one another, clients deserve superior lighting to round out their perfect wardrobe. Considering the critical roles light direction, color, intensity and placement play, eggersmann designers work with clients to create everything from illuminated shelves and display cases to dramatic night-light effects and glamorous touches of indirect glow.

Jewelry displays. From necklaces and earrings to bracelets, rings and watches, eggersmann wardrobes can accommodate any number of jewelry pieces and styles. Clients can choose to showcase their most beloved items or discreetly stow significant valuable keepsakes as they see fit. Jewelry drawers can also be customized to include window tops so clients can quickly and easily find their favorite accessories and stay organized.

Watch winders and sunglasses storage. While these two coveted features can be installed independently of one another, clients often opt to pair watch-winding technology with deluxe sunglasses storage to thoughtfully care for their most worn accessories. The eggersmann automatic winders keep watches ticking accurately while secure display cases keep sunglasses safe from scratches and damage. Both features are completely customized to fit each unique wardrobe and can cater to any client’s specific needs.

Hidden safe. No matter how a client chooses to design their space, security is of the utmost importance. eggersmann offers an impressive array of options to keep prized possessions, heirlooms and other precious items shielded in state-of-the-art hidden safes.

Bench seating. One of the most luxurious additions to a large wardrobe is bench seating, which can transform a closet space into a relaxing, regal haven within the home. Clients have the opportunity to choose from a spectrum of colors and fabrics and can even request additional storage space in the bench itself, upgrading a beautiful accent piece to a functional finishing touch.

The integrated angled light shines on all the right places to make sure every item is shown true to color.
Photos courtesy of eggersmann.

To start creating the wardrobe of your dreams, visit the experts at today and watch your closet space take on new life.

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