Promoted Post: eggersmann’s Fastmount Wall Panel System


Cladding walls with luxury finishes is a head-turning feature, now available from eggersmann in our fastmount wall paneling system. All of our eggersmann décor laminates, veneers, custom lacquers and concretes may be used in unlimited patterns and grain direction. These innovative finishes offer a flawless and highly durable finish to your walls or reverse side of custom eggersmann cabinetry that cannot be matched with paint, plaster, millwork, tile, or wallpaper.

How Fastmount Works

The fastmount low-profile mounting system utilizes a flat clip push-button mounting system that makes it possible to:

  • Design intricate, multi-directional grained installation of large format materials
  • Quickly install the custom designed and craftsman-cut panels on the flat clip system attached to the wall or a cabinet’s reverse side
  • Change the materials to new materials or a new design with little technical effort (though an eggersmann technician is required for safe installation)

Though exciting enough to be able to clad walls in exotic finishes including custom mixed lacquers, the ability to add the fastmount system to the back of eggersmann cabinetry such as this glance frameless glass door shelving unit, opens up so many possibilities.

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