Get Ready for Mother’s Day with Anyon Design


Lindsay Anyon of Anyon Design and Anyon Atelier shares thoughts on motherhood and a few great pieces that will show the mother in your life, that you care.

Lindsay Anyon and her three children.

Balancing being a mother, a daughter and a business owner is an act I try my best practice every day. It is exhausting but also incredibly energizing. A break from work makes me appreciate and cherish my family time. My children fill me up in all sorts of hilarious and creative ways that spill over to work. I love all my roles but sometimes one is off kilter. At the end of day; as long as everyone knows I love them madly and support them; I think our job is done. I remember Michael Kors once said, “I am successful because my mother thought I was the absolute best and told me that all the time”. I love that—it sounds simple but it’s not. You have to communicate that all the time and show our own mothers, sisters and wives appreciation for thinking the best of us.

-Deliver flowers in the Rose Jewel vase, a gift that will keep on giving.

-Help mom celebrate the coming warmer months and season of outdoor entertaining and al fresco meals with Palecek’s Marlow Outdoor Hurricanes.

-The Cashmere Throw in Muslin is a wonderful material for winding down the day and cuddling with the kiddos.

-The Rose Triple Cut Champagne Coupes are so celebratory and chic. Let’s just say they are very well received whenever I gift them. A perfect way to toast Mom!

-I love the feminine scalloped shapes of these Oslo Frame in a natural faux bone finish. This is by far our best selling frame and is perfect for Mom’s vanity or desk.

-The versatile pattern found in these Marble Mint Birchwood Trays can be mixed into any decor and tablescape, or hold a tray full of jeweled treats.

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