Out on the Town: TBS Design Gallery unveils Josper Home


On December 1st, TBS Design Gallery invited guests to experience elevated outdoor living with Josper Home and enjoy a culinary masterpiece as Chef Bakri Bouchi expertly wielded the Josper Grill to create flame-kissed cuisine. This exclusive event marked the debut of the first residential Josper Charcoal Oven in North America.

Bakri Bouchi, James Mabry, Ryan Whitlock
Teresa Casias, Liana Nitsetskaia, Jamie Sanck, Mamuka Grigolia
Vladimir Tsutskhvashvili, Kate Basilashvili, Teona Kakabadze, Levan Beridze, Liana Nitsetskaia

In collaboration with esteemed partners Renson, Umbrosa, Heatsail, and McKinnon and Harris—TBS Design Gallery curated a showcase of unparalleled sun protection structures, elegant umbrellas, cutting-edge heaters and exquisite outdoor furniture. Together, these elements transformed the space into a sophisticated retreat—a haven for relaxation and connection.

Tom Carrubba, Stefan Thuilot
Bakri Bouchi
Jeremy Dispenza, Kevin Murray, Ryan Whitlock, Liana Nitsetskaia

In addition to the award-winning food, guests enjoyed cocktails surrounded by good friends, esteemed clients and cherished colleagues in the industry. This was not just an event; it was a symphony of luxury, craftsmanship and the joy of outdoor living at its finest.

Cita Rojas-Silla, Justin Pace, Saskia Denys, Roberto Tiscareno
Matthias Dubois, Gilles Vanpoucke
Mamuka Grigolia, Cita Rojas-Sila, Justin Pace
Liana Nitsetskaia, Mamuka Grigolia, Bakri Bouchi

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