Out on the Town: Love Letter Gathering


House of Honey opens “Love Letter Gathering” an artist residency in Montecito showcasing female artists

Known for their layered, bold interiors, L.A.-based design firm House of Honey recently turned their Montecito studio into an artist residency featuring the work of five female artists. House of Honey’s design ethos is deeply rooted in female empowerment and their support of female artists and women-owned businesses is paramount to their design mantra.  “We are looking forward to spotlighting our five talented artists and bringing their incredible work to our community in Montecito,” says Tamara Honey, Owner and Founder of House of Honey. “As a female collective of designers, the concept of our artist residency was born out of our desire to support other female artists and showcase a range of art mediums, styles, and forms. The artists in our residency align with our mantra of creating authentic and meaningful experiences that will leave a lasting mark on the worlds of art and design.”

The exclusive selection of work includes lighting, vessels and candles from L.A. based sculptor Carmen Ellis Studio, who makes surrealist objects that evoke a feminine dream. Vessels and objects from celebrated artist Kelly Lamb will also be prominently displayed, that showcase her signature concept of infinity through geometric and organic lines. Marcela Cure—a Colombian-born artist and designer who creates hand-sculpted busts, bookends, vessels, mirrors and wall pieces that have an architectural and eclectic feel. Additionally, House of Honey selected work from Irish-born artist and sculptor Mary Little who explores the interaction between light, surface and gravity, while playing with the themes of elasticity, volume, scale and texture. Finally, artist and ceramicist Whitney Sharpe of The Latch Key Ceramics, whose meticulously crafted sculptures embody a meditative physical experience using clay as an art form.    

The artist residency at House of Honey Montecito will be open to the public Monday through Friday, from 10:00am to 6:00pm, starting on February 14th through May 14th. For more information on the gallery and artists, please visit: www.house of honey.com

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