2024 New Product Design Award: Interior Drawer Components by Space Theory


Known for their ingenious, craft-driven cabinet and millwork solutions, Space Theory continues to rethink the performance of everyday spaces with the introduction of Interior Drawer Components. “The new Space Theory drawer components were designed based on the idea that our culture is changing—as expectations of performance for everyday tools, from phones to cars, have evolved, so have aspirations for the home,” says Scott Hudson, CEO and creative director. “There’s more pleasure to be had in the kitchen, and from storage to serving, the Space Theory system is all about flow: the pleasure of navigating everyday life with ease, which allows a greater opportunity to focus on what matters.”

Photo by Space Theory

With flexibility top of mind, the components serve as an organizer inside the drawer that can easily transition to rest on a table, a counter or be suspended from the Space Theory wall storage Opencase system, providing access to tools and food without cluttering counter space. The latest addition to their larger kitchen system, the pieces are handcrafted using domestically sourced hardwoods and durable, dishwasher-safe stainless steel. “The tasks we complete in the kitchen are dynamic and ever-evolving, which means the kitchen should be too, inside and out,” says VP of sales and design Lisa Day. “These components, which are handcrafted in our production facility in Seattle, are built to last, adapt, rearrange and move throughout the kitchen.”

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