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Robert Moffitt is redefining the role a plant plays inside the home

Plantscape artist Robert Moffitt. Photography by Ethan Sigmon.

From working out of his truck to opening an expansive new showroom in West Hollywood, Robert Moffitt’s extensive knowledge and love of plants has landed his work in the homes of L.A.’s most affluent.

Raised in the Midwest, Moffitt started his professional career as a traveling nurse, which eventually led him to a permanent position at UCLA. However, an intuitive nag inspired him to volunteer at a friend’s plant shop and pursue several horticulture and botany courses at UCLA. “After several years of volunteering in the plant world, combined with my growing desire to be more creative, I began planning my idea for a mobile greenhouse at the start of the pandemic, which would ultimately become The Haus Plant truck,” Moffitt recalls. “From there my love only grew after creating The Haus Plant, where I could share my favorite designs.”

An Olive tree installation inside a Beverly Hills Home. Photography by Ethan Sigmon.

His “rolling garden” quickly gained notoriety with several of L.A.’s top interior designers, who have placed his work in notable projects. More sculptures than plantings, his unique style marries rare specimens in antique, artistic planters. “The best part of living in L.A. is being surrounded by other creatives and artists as well as beautiful botanical gardens and nature preserves,” he proclaims. “As a plant designer, the climate here provides an abundance of plant material to work with and the clientele is always hungry to explore the most interesting pieces of plant art.”

Now located on West 3rd Street, The Haus Plant serves as a hub for his genius. “My showroom is a creative playground where I can experiment with new plant designs daily,” Moffitt says. “After the success of the plant truck, I stumbled upon a listing for the perfect showroom location and the rest is history.”

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